Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have jackpots that increase as the game continues.

When a player sets his or her foot on a particular casino, there are several features that have been designed to grab their attention. Shiny new automobiles, flashing lights, huge television screens, spinning wheels; all that are meant to give the players a good experience. As they move from one row to another row of the slot machines, they would definitely notice the progressive slot.


In most instances, these casinos have been specially designed with a scrolling ticker that would tell the player how they could win by putting in their quarter.


Progressive slots can be best described as a mecca of slot machines, where players could be lucky to win even millions of dollars with just a single pull of the lever. As is it with a number of slot machines, all of them are digital, and progressive slots in specific have been specially designed to add the money players put into the potential grand draw. A number of them are also linked to other machines that produce other jackpots.


One would perhaps wonder what grants the progressive slots the ability to pay out huge sums of money as compared to other ordinary slot machines. There is a simple logic behind that; the jackpot would grow larger based on the number of people who put in money.


Progressive Jackpots

In many cases, progressive slot machines could be connected to a number of other machines or just work as stand-alone. As the players place funds into these machines, there is a portion of this money that is applied to the grand prize, and the potential jackpot would continue growing. When a player gets lucky and knocks one of the designated symbols, they will be lucky to win the whole jackpot, even though there are other small prizes that are always on offer.


What happens when a person wins a jackpot is that it reset to a particular minimum and begin to build up once again.


Qualifying for the Progressive Slots

For any player who is seeking to win one of the top prizes here, it would be imperative to pay attention to the directions indicated on the machines. In most cases, its only maximum bets that would qualify the player to win the grand prize. Its, however, a fact that every bet that is placed into the machine will still be considered for the jackpot. Due to this, it would make sense for the player to try any of the maximum bets that are available at a progressive slot.


For any player who is looking for ways of gambling for less, there are a number of other machines where they will have better chances of winning than others. Even though the top prize would be relatively low, it is likely that the player would not win high amounts on this kind of slot without the available maximum amount.


Rules that Govern the Progressive Slots

It is important to note that a number of subsequent slot machines just use similar gameplay and basic rules as the ones used in other kinds of slots. At their base game, the progressive slots are 5-reel video slots, but there are close to two other versions of commonly used progressive slots that have been designed with a classic slots’ 3-reel format.


Progressive slots can then be best described as level five reel video slots that have been designed with a progressive jackpot’s bonus. This implies that the progressive slots can still be played just in the same manner as a player would play a 5-reel video slot. The same rules for a five-reel video slot would still apply. The rules are not complex in any manner, but just involve how to bet, and that would extend to being in a position to choose the number of the active pay line based on the spin as well as the coin size.


Even though there are many similarities in the rules that govern the progressive slots and other casino genres, there are still certain differences. The difference is seen when it comes to the portion of the progressive jackpots of these slot games. A number of these progressive slot machines would need the players to bet relatively larger denominations, and would also activate the maximum number that is allowed for a pay line in one spin. The last bit would simply mean betting on maximum on each spin. This is actually the only means players would be able to qualify for the main prize of the progressive jackpot.


Every spin comes with a button that is marked, ‘bet max’, and the easiest way to qualify for the grand prize would be to just click under that marked button. There are also other progressive slots that have been designed with another non-progressive jackpot. This is mainly meant for the type of players that do not like to participate on the max on every spin betting.


The Jackpot Meters

The jackpot meter is one feature that is shared by all kinds of progressive slots. The meter is used to show the jackpot’s current value. Apart from being situated over the slot machines, these meters are also available in bright colors and they are relatively large. Players can monitor the growth of these meters as they continue to put in coins into the machines.

The other games that have jackpot meters are the Internet slot machine games. Here, there are located inside the real casino software. The jackpot meters are also found on several informational sites that tend to promote these types of casinos and games.


Down to Business: How to Play Progressive Slots

As indicated earlier, nothing much changes when it comes to playing this kind of games as compared to other normal video slots. One thing that makes progressive outsmart most of the other genres is that players would not need to have extra skills to emerge as winners. This makes everything simple especially to those who might want to upgrade from level 5-reel video slots or even other less complicated classic 3-reel slots.


Here are some of the tips that players can use not only to acquire the relevant skills that they might need but would also assist them in getting the best winnings.


  • It is Important to Pace Oneself


As explained in previous statements, there is quite a big difference between playing a standard video slot and playing a progressive slot. This is due to the number of times that players are supposed to bet. It, therefore, becomes crucial for a player to pace himself or herself and avoid rushing through the spins that they have. Some players might be deceived that the faster they move, the quicker they can be able to get to a handsomely rewarding progressive jackpot.


No player can be so sure that any kind of spin would be able to allow them to get the jackpot as quick as they might want, and so it is crucial to have themselves paced.

They will only be able to enjoy the game once they pace themselves accordingly.


  • Not Forgetting the Bankroll


The other thing that takes center stage when playing this kind of slots is the close adherence to bankroll management. In fact, it becomes more important than when playing other games like the standard 5-reel video slots. This can be supported by the fact that all the bets here must be on the minimum pay lines and maximum coin. Based on the progressive jackpot slot that is played, this kind of combination might be a bit complicated. On the other hand, it can also make it so easy to deplete the funds.


The Common Types of Progressive Slots

It is important to note that all progressive machines have been designed differently. In essence, there are three main types of progressive slots.


  • The Stand-Alone Progressive - This type of machines is not connected to any type of other machines but would instead take the played coins’ percentage and adds them to the top-ranking winning combination award. On the front, they have a meter that is used to display the jackpot. In many instances, the payback would normally equal the other slots that represent other denomination. The stand-alone machines have much lower progressive jackpots as compared to other slots that are connected to others.


  • Wide Area Progressives - Talking of the slots that provide some of the best life-changing jackpots; then wide area progressive comes to mind. They are usually connected together from a number of non-connected casinos. Popular slot makers such as IGT run several games like the Quentermania, MegaBucks and several others.


  • In-House Progressives - Also known as proprietary progressives, these slots are connected together and operated by the casino companies that own them. In most cases, they might be in a single casino or even connected together with a number of properties, especially if the gaming firm owns more than just a single casino. Even though the jackpots are not usually a multi-million variety, but they can still represent huge wins in a number of casinos. When compared to other types of slots like the wide area progressives, the in-house progressives usually hit more often.


Popular Software Providers for Progressive Slots

Although Microgaming is one company that has consistently stayed at the top of its game in this industry, there are a host of others that are also doing it right. One of them is Playtech, an online software mogul that has been on the market just as long as Microgaming.


One of the best titles that this brand has produced is the popular progressive slots series for Marvel Comics. NetEnt is also another software producer that has kept Microgaming on their toes. One thing that has kept them on the market for that long is how they have handled the genre, in a unique manner.


Progressive slots have several opportunities that players can grab to help in transforming their lifestyle to the positive side. This explains why a huge of fans still adore these types of casinos. Although they are a bit intriguing in nature, their rise in popularity is set to continue even in the coming days.